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WordPress can be a pain to manage, especially as the site ages, the database grows, and the theme and plugins get older and less supported - or just outright hacked or broken. Sometimes it gets to be too much and you just want to throw it out and start over. Well, if you really want to do that, I can do that, but before you take that leap there are some simpler steps to try,

  • Automate your workflows and integrate 3rd party services to simplify your job
  • Build or improve your user interfaces
  • Hire a web manager to do it all for you!

Automate Your Small Business in Eugene with WordPress

Do you find yourself repeating the same steps again and again? You shouldn’t have to repeat yourself, this is the future and we have robots, servers, and code to take the repetitive strain out of your website management.

Why click 10 buttons when I can build you a single button that does all of that for you.

Heck, let’s set up a daily script that clicks that button twice a day and then sends you an email to let you know how your site’s doing. The sky is the limit.

Adding 3rd Party Services and Website Integrations to WordPress

Throughout my web career I’ve found time and time again that website owners aren’t aware of all the resources available to help them succeed, and how much of it is cheap or even free! I can help you identify the best tools and services to

  • speed up and beautify your website
  • track and analyze your web presence
  • engage and manage your customers or clients
  • and so much more

WordPress Custom Editor & Backend Tools

I’ve seen three common problems when it comes to WordPress admin interfaces, you either have:

  • little to no settings, with just one text box to edit per page, and many things you can’t edit
  • a huge simple text box with tons of confusing HTML in it
  • or a massively complicated interface that requires a trained pilot

All of these problems lead to the same complaint: you have to email a developer every time you want to make a change. That’s lame, and even worse it leads to a stagnant web presence. What you need is a healthy amount of control, with safe fall-backs and default settings to prevent you from accidentally breaking anything.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro & Custom Post Types

To make your user interface powerful and reliable I leverage two of the largest and most well respected plugins, ACF Pro (normally $100 but all of my clients benefit from my enterprise license) and Custom Post Types UI (open source). These are well supported projects, built on core WordPress features that you can depend on, not some custom hodge-podge of code that only I understand. What you end up with is something that looks like this:

This combination makes for a buttery smooth authoring workflow, happy editors, and the UI is so obvious it generally takes little to no training.

A Reliable WordPress Webmaster & Web Developer in Eugene

Okay, I’ll admit, even with the smoothest admin interface, the most efficient automations, and clever use of 3rd party services, running a website will always take work. You’re busy, your business is successful, and you don’t have time to learn something new when you’re already successful in your own field - you just want your dang website to work! Say no more, that’s what nerds like me are for!

Depending on your needs I’m available for once off audits and consultations, monthly checkups, or more deeply involved ongoing web management. Contact me to start the discussion