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Modern Responsive Redesigns • Platform Migrations • Hacked Website Recovery

Web Design Updates & Website Theme Redesigns

Has your website gotten to look dated or broken? Technology moves quickly, and design doesn’t always age well. Whether you want a few things changed or you want to redo the entire site, I can work with you to create and implement a new look that meets modern standards while uniquely representing your brand.

Server Migrations & Managed Website Hosting

If your website is doing well, it’ll eventually outgrow it’s hosting plan and will probably need to move to a new server. If your web host sucks (for instance, GoDaddy), you’ll eventually get sick of them and want to move your site to a new server. Server migration can be complicated and frustrating, but an experienced professional can assure a quick and safe migration with little to no downtime for end-users. Contact me before you make the jump and I can help guide you to the best hosting for you, whether that’s through my personal private hosting or one of my recommended 3rd parties.

Changing or Adding CMS (Content Management Systems)

If managing your website has become a complicated chore, or if you can’t control your website’s content at all, it might be time for a new CMS, such as Wordpress, Contenful, or Shopify. I can help you choose, set up, and learn a new CMS without disrupting your site design, search ranking, or anything else on your server. A better, happier editing experience is just a conversation away.